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If discover to pustule grows on the skin, the need in the life notices the item of many sided, above all the complement that the most important is nutrition, a lot of people grow pustule on the skin, basically lack the account of nutrient element namely, want to pass the nutrition with compensatory and comprehensive food so, next the patient should do motion to take exercise more, can enhance the immune power of the body so, on this foundation, can adopt following method to handle skin blain.

How is skin thick packet handled?

How is skin thick packet handled?

Retreated inside to grow a blain greatly, but already broken, purulent fluid also in order to pour out of, show red meat, but sometimes still a few sticks current to go out, the proposal undertakes clear achieving handling to the hospitalShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, wrap up next, 3 days change medicine, cut a lunar month of 30 days discusses antibacterial of profess to convinced content, do not change medicine greatly can

If cut is very dirty, want to use alcohol and disinfection of tincture of iodine first. Be close friends quickly, the heaviest if maintain,achieve a face clean, dry, scarcely should touch water, bathe soNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Need not consider, bear a few days anyway. Do not have acerbity hot exciting thing, have fish more albumen

How is skin thick packet handled?

This kind of circumstance belongs to the spontaneity burst of pustule, need to undertake disinfect and maintenance asepsis locally only at present can, processing is compared simple

Directive opinion:

The proposal uses alcohol iodic perhaps bend over undertakes alexipharmic to pustule, and should encase with paper towel two side undertake pustule squash, squeeze purulent fluid entirely piece, disinfect again next, the gauze that uses clean later enclothes pustule rise.

How is skin thick packet handled?

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After skin parenchyma affects fester, in a when skin forms swollen bag, embedded pus fluid. Can appear on person or cultivate body.

Skin parenchyma affects: Include folliculitis, furuncle, carbuncle, lymphatic infection of the cut after beehive of phlogistic, acute organizes phlogistic, burn to start infection, operation and bedsore infection.

Infection of sex of skin parenchyma fester is the inflammation reaction that invade human body skin as a result of the bacterium and produces, local can appear red, swollen, hot, painful with functional obstacle, serious when bacterium and toxin enter blood to be able to cause poisonous blood disease or septicemia circularly, hurting an infection is a bacterium the result of many inside body breed, pusShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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It is airframe what in organizing inflammation course, form is thick stiff or rare exudation, include among them metamorphic, necrotic leucocyte, bacterium, necrotic1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Organize fragment and oozy tissue fluid.

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