[the eyelid that it is what jumps all the time] _ eyelid jumps all the time – of origin of _ reason _

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Getting eyelid to jump is those who expressing oneself is star-crossed, actually eyelid jumps is not such, the situation that everybody occurrence eyelid jumps is different, some people may be pure only did not rest good, so ability can have the symptom that eyelid jumps, this kind of eyelid jumps majority comes from the nerve at the eye more sensitive, excessive exhaustion waits the eye a moment a series of element.

 The eyelid that it is what jumps all the time

Actually eyelid does not beat independently very common, it is here muscle too active be caused by, it is not a disease, however a kind of phenomenon, it is Morpheus normally insufficient, too overworked or drinkable and too much coffee, eat too exciting and acrimony stuff place to bring send. Should have sufficient Morpheus only, rest, knead gently on eyelid brush massage, or take tranquillizer1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Help muscle is loosened, lie between period of time to be able to disappear.

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Different to the reaction of all sorts of pressure or disease, always have a place a few more sensitive. Folk has ” left jump auspicious, right jump fierce ” view, be afraid is draw wrong conclusions by false analogy of give a far fetched interpretation.

The individual blames eyeball or hemp of strange, hemp should be blamed on the face, or when a little uncontrollable petty action, the doctor still can consider to whether be normally the following these a few kinds of circumstances or disease:

1. facial nerve is paralytic:

Can cause the eye that is the same as side to close not approach, forehead furrow disappears, mouth is crooked to to side. The face nerve that if be not,is a model is paralytic, however face muscle is faint, add left-hand seat when the foot is faint, consider even whether head apoplectic or flesh is faint etc differentiate diagnose.

 The eyelid that it is what jumps all the time

2. facial convulsion:

Often odd side eyelid, facial ministry and the tic when corners of the mouth is errant cause spasm of ministry of odd side face. But not when convulsion, facial ministry looks normal. Consider as head of face god by to do the friend that the place that come out is oppressed by blood-vessel commonly. If not fierce, need not special treatment. More serious can consider element of inject flesh poisonous bacili or ─ of ─ of make sb the first aim of attack with microscopical the operation separates face nerve and blood-vessel, decrease oppressive.

3. palpebral convulsion:

Two keep uncontrollably blink, when be being blinked badly two want to cannot be stretched almost, lose sight of consequently, cross a driveway to have difficulty even. Can incorporate sometimes neck ministry convulsion. Element of poisonous bacili of usable inject flesh or medication.

4. dancing disease:

Facial ministry muscle, eye, head reachs the body, hands or feet can have the not own tic of brief sex.

5. trigeminal pathological changes:

Insensitive or facial ministry is acuteness aching.

6. oculomotor nerve pathological changes:

Cause eyeball roll difficulty or eyelid is flagging, regular meeting has diplopia.

 The eyelid that it is what jumps all the time

7. neck department is not own asp:

Belong to a former hair sex or senile sex are asp kind.

8. medicaments side-effect:

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Long use, may facial ministry and tongue do not move independently.

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Epileptic little show effect.

The disease too numerous to mention one by one of other possibility, above is an adduce is commonner.

When these symptoms appear, had better be go to a doctor, doctor mostly but by the patient’s action in chief, correct to be being made on the patient’s observation and nerve examination differentiate diagnose. Of course sometimes when the illness is not quite apparent, need to observe again track. The meeting when having need makes further lab examination, treat to disease again.

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