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Article introduction

Because the hair cause of disease with left bosom aching upper part is more, we can be pressed press bosom, if can appear,ache, because muscle convulsion is caused,be likely, the sitting position that we can adjust ourselves and much attention rest etc, and press pressure different, because heart disease is neuralgic perhaps,be the bust that cause aches likely, because of,everybody had better be the hair cause of disease that goes to a hospital checking it, avoid the existence of heart disease.

 Left bosom upper part aches

1, if use a hand to be met by the place that when pressing, always aches,generation aches, the specification achesForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Painful place is in pectoral wall, because,the circumstance may be be caused by of convulsion of pectoral wall muscle. Because,be long pose not1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, bow, help up case, violent campaign, local catch cold catch cold, cause be caused by of convulsion of overworked of pectoral wall muscle, this kind of disease is not the person that works before computer to often see.

2, also be a heart likely the bosom that cause is painful, most common is angina pectoris, it is sorely, aching yes the position always is the area before the heart, and control aching seat with the hand feel notSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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To ache.

 Left bosom upper part aches

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Also be costal pathological changes likely, the commonnest cartilage that it is costal region is phlogistic, this kind has a symptom to appear on the body, for example local can add thick, apophysis, strut, have ache with hand pressing, but the skin is not had red.

4, between costal region neuralgic: Ache often distributings between edge costal region, with axil central line, rachis by, reach breastbone by remarkable, show prickle or bright is painful, face about, deep breathing, cough can accentuate.

5, pleurisy bosom is painful: Aching place is in more alar or axil is medium around, constant companion has low heat, cough, breath shallow wait quickly.

 Left bosom upper part aches

Above introduces to ache how to return a responsibility about left bosom upper part namely ah photograph inside Shanghaiguan was allowed. Anyhow, from inside the introduction above we understand, affect left bosom to go upLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The element of square ache has a lot of. This its centerA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Dirty ache and pleurisy ache are the early-warning that the body gives out to us, need us to reach normal hospital as early as possible diagnose, undertake having the treatment of specific aim next. The symptom that if have left bosom upper part,aches at ordinary times, want to notice to rest, avoid catch cold catch cold and too overworked.

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