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Because the resistance of dot is lower, plus its not can well pay attention to sanitation and daily life nurse mediumly what is easier accordingly appear of a few diseases, for instance children bowel angina is a kind of very common disease, should appear when having this kind of disease, the body influence to dot is very big, need people to be able to be paid attention to all the more, come below detailedShanghai noble baby

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Introduce symptom of children bowel angina and remedial method.

Symptom of children bowel angina and remedial _ new student alvine angina treats a method

Symptom of children bowel angina and treat

New student main show is the symptom acuteness cry be troubled by, do not wish to suck the breast, always fool bad, complexion is cadaverous, both hands brandish, double sufficient ceaseless pedal, limb end is to slant cool, abdomen bilges, toss about.

The children of big drop can be behaved hold out to holding abdomen in both hands to cry to be troubled by or be hit backward, also can accompany have abdominal distension wait for such expression, but because alvine line function is disorder,be or bowelForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Nerve development is not perfected between, hysterical the ache that the then of alvine path systole that bring about produces.

Remedial method basically has strengthen heat preservation, eat much food less, do not swallow gas, suitable hour hand massages abdomen, but do not want emphatic to press, want gently by, the aeriform eduction inside stimulative bowel path goes, perhaps open dew of a place of strategic importance to aerate with the dot aperient, at the same time even hot compress abdomen, vertical stroke wants to hold the belch that pat a back in the arms after eating a meal to feed a grandma every time, the eduction of stimulative gas.

Infantile bowel angina symptom

When nutrition enough, grow the darling with normal growth is abrupt the gender is loud cry, cry facial tide is red when be troubled by, buccal week is cadaverous, both hands make a fist, hair of abdomen of abdominal distension, abdomen is good, fart difficulty, limb is inflectional, double enough hair is cool, hold in the arms fool nurse cannot alleviate, cry be troubled by last 10 minutes to arrive a few hours, Shanghai noble baby

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Or clonic fit, final in order to cry capable exhaust, exhaust or defecate and stop, this kind of phenomenon calls infantile bowel angina normally. Begin commonly at 2 to 4 weeks of big little babies, 4 reach a peak to 6 weeks, normally the latest 4 control most and automatic improvement greatly to 6 months. Seldom count the ability when darling should arrive one year old to stop.

Symptom of children bowel angina and remedial _ new student alvine angina treats a method

How does alvine angina treat the infant

1, the change adopts a posture: darling erect rise bend over to go up in parental shoulder, inflectional darling lower limbs, the abdomen that gives baby oppresses, the symptom that can let angina of partial darling bowel gets alleviating.

2, put darling horizontal stroke on knee, undertake by the clockwise abdomen is massaged, drink tepid water, lukewarm towel hot compress is abdominal, the volatile such as menthene is wiped to be able to promote alvine path exhaust on navel, the alvine angina baby that companion has difficulty of exhaust of more serious defecate uses a place of strategic importance to show the result pretty good.

Symptom of children bowel angina and remedial _ new student alvine angina treats a method

3, improved lactation means: Breast of empty a side is fed first when lactation, let the grandma after the grandma before darling absorbs those who contain a lot oflactose at the same time and rich fatty, the ferment that can prevent darling to digest lactose is less, cannot process overmuch milk sugar, the lactose that does not have a law to be digested to absorb ferments inside gastric bowel the alvine angina that produces gas to bring about. Darling of milk protein allergy suggests to use hydrolysis recipe milk powder.

4, can try navel to stick, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Or beneficial of path of a few bowel gives birth to profess to convinced bacterium adjust alvine pathForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, do not want do sth without authorization to take demulcent and composed medicaments to the child, when necessary go to a doctor, seek1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The guidance of professional paediatrician or with medicine, xijia silicone oil is used below the doctor’s guidance.

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