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Article introduction

Many females feel the nugget shape some that there are a few tubercles inside the breast to be able to ache by the meeting when pressing a breast, some does not ache not to itch, the brim is not very clear, the expression of tubercle of this kind of breast is most, still can bring about patient companion to have low heat, night sweat or erythrocyte sedimentation rate are rapid, even if is the patient does not have these symptoms, also need to be checked to the hospital, notice to enhance nutrition even besides the examination, much attention rests, adjust the resistance of the body.

Symptom of mammary gland tubercular

Semiotic body is asked for

1. happens at 20 ~ 40 years old more woman, course of diseases is slow.

One place shows breast of be confined to of 2. earlier bureau onefold or bump of several nodal shape, indolence, border is not clear but with skin adhesion, bump liquefactionShanghai Long Feng forum

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Form cold sex abscess, broken one is formed after;burst;ulcerate;festering or count a Dou Dao or ulcer, secretion is rare thing of type of companion residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, cankerous skin brim shows lurk sex, secretion smear coloring can find the fungus that fight acid occasionally.

3. has side axillary lymph node but intumescent.

Symptom of mammary gland tubercular

4. can be accompanied have low heat, night sweat, erythrocyte sedimentation rate is rapid.

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Common at 20 ~ woman of 40 years old, delay of course of diseasesLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Slow, there is inside the breast when initial stage or count a tubercle, without ache or tenderness, with all round constituent dividing line is not clear, often have skin adhesion, it is OK that the armpit that be the same as side drenchs the factory writtens guarantee intumescent, clinical without calorific, cold pus ulcer is formed after purulent piece bate; Can wear to the skin piece form fistula or Dou Dao, eduction has the rare pus liquid with caseous drossy appearance, the bump classics fiber of a few patient is changed and become nugget, make the defect inside mammary appearance change and titShanghai Long Feng forum

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, differentiate not easily with breast cancer.

Symptom of mammary gland tubercular

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Remedial method

1. increases nutrition, attention to rest.

2. is completeShanghai noble baby

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Refuse n/med tuberculosis treatment personally.

The person that confine of 3. pathological changes is in can do excision of focus of a disease; Range is big person can do pure mastectomy, the person that suffer from side lymph node enlargement can be excised along with all the others.

4. has the former patient that deliver kitchen range to still need to continue to refuse n/med tuberculosis treatment after the operation.

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