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Article introduction

Hematic dissolve disease does not see more in the life, and hematic dissolve disease is to belong to a kind of congenital disease, because genetic place is brought about,be commonly, it is genetic that usually the baby contracts hematic dissolve disease at father, contract hematic dissolve disease to the baby healthy have very big effect, can cause occurrence head paralysis easily, gawkish perhaps and death, because father’s gene is stronger because this is genetic odds is bigger.

What is hematic dissolve disease

Hematic dissolve disease

Fetal obtain blood type antigen by father heredity to be lacked for maternal place, this kind of antigen enters the mother’s body through placenta, exciting matrix produces corresponding immune antibody, antibody enters fetal system again inside, union of antigen antibody photograph makes fetal cell agglutinate is destroyed, produce haemolysis, can appear abortion and stillborn foetus. The new student that mother embryo blood type shoulds not can appear to send a gender early icteric, produce heart failure or icteric sequela, rescue is not seasonable, cause cerebral sex to break down, slow-witted foolish die even.

Genetics principle

The woman of O blood and A, B or AB after man marriage, of the earning after be pregnant fetal can divide A model, B, O, (Because gene depart is mensurable,we can know to have A only model have with B ability1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The likelihood gives birth to an AB) .

Of course this kind of circumstance happens in O blood mother not merely, but with maternal O model, children is A model or B see at most. The new student that can be disagreement of blood type of embryo of great majority mother not sicken, of this and sex of antigen of father blood type strong of the placental protective screen of embryo of mother of weak, join appear the element such as the gender to concern.

Additionally a kind of circumstance also can produce haemolysis disease, that is blood type of the mother’s body the negative that show RH (RH negative blood type belongs to) of rare blood type. The mother of this kind of blood type, all one’s life (mostly) can bear one embryo only, bearShanghai night net

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The machine rate of hemolysis of the 2nd embryogeny is quite tall.

What is hematic dissolve disease

Hematic dissolve ill pathogeny

1, the blood type as a result of the mother and fetal (or baby) blood type shoulds not, antibody of a kind of blood type produces inside maternal body, this kind of antibody can be destroyed fetal (before be born) or baby (after be born) a large number of red blood cell in blood, and cause haemolysis. Haemolysis can happen at fetal period, after be born, still continue more than.

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2, this disease shoulds not with blood type of A, B, O the commonnest, what see at most among them is the mother is O model, fetal (or baby) for A model or B. The first embryo can come on, delivery time is more, incidence of a disease is higher, and compare serious. Still be A at the mother it is thus clear that model, fetal (or baby) for B model or AB, the mother is B model, fetal (or baby > for B model or AB, but scarce. Fetal (or babyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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) for O model person, can eliminate this disease. The new life that disagreement of Rh blood type causes the incidence of a disease that haemolysis disease is in our country is inferior. It is the mother is Rh negative normally, fetal be Rh positive and cause haemolysis, general the first embryo does not come on, and come on since the 2nd embryo, but the give aid and support that if the mother of Rh negative is before the first embryo,ever had accepted Rh positive, criterion the first embryo also can come on. Hemolysis of be caused by of disagreement of Rh blood type constant relatively disagreement of blood type of A, B, O is serious.

What is hematic dissolve disease

Clinical expression

① skin and sclerotic (the white of the eye) apparent hair is yellow, constantShanghai Long Feng forum

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At be born hind inside 24 hours or the 2nd day appears, inside 48 hours rapid accentuation, serum bilirubin chroma rises quickly 15mg/dl of more than 12 ~ , amount to 20mg/dl above even.

② all has weight to differ anaemic, serious person can cause heart failure, systemic dropsy.

③ liver splenomegaly.

If ④ nerve symptom has be addicted to to sleep, refus grandma, limb is loose, then is convulsive (expression is stared for two, blink take, limb blast paroxysm hard unbend, or systemic opisthotonos) , sometimes the performance such as the shriek says the nucleus is icteric namely or bilirubin head is ill, often happen at serum bilirubin amounts to 20mg/dl above, because indirect bilirubin enters a head,be in the organization, injure cerebral cell be caused by.

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